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A huuuuuge group effort here at B O N D Creative!! The client at Disney had a great concept, Jane then built a killer photo comp and then the Finishing department built out an awesome background and wrangled in a massive 40GB file that I could then paint up and bring into a more illustrative place. And it was all creative directed by Mr. Pat Dillon (hats off to you, sir!!).

We wanted to straddle the Photo and Painting worlds a bit and I'm really happy with how this all turned out and a strong reminder that these things NEVER happen in the vacuum of some artist's basement. It's a team effort 99.8% of the time. It has to be. The multiple points of view from the various hands that touch the project all bring different layers of detail and interest to a concept. It's an important factor in what we do and a really fun process!

I hope y'all enjoy!

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